Sangrah – Knowledge Repository for FOSS in Education from CDAC, Mumbai

CDAC, Mumbai has announced the beta release of portal SangrahKnowledge Repository for FOSS in Education . This portal contains resources about different categories like Learning Management System, Content Management System, etc. It also contains user experiences for these categories, comparative analysis of various tools from these categories, specialised search, and collaboration facility for community supported content updates.

The portal is maintained with least manual intervention as most of the tasks including, resource collection, categorization, user experience identification, comparative analysis, etc are largely automated.

The portal is intended for academic institutions, entrepreneurs, among others to help them to adopt Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS).

The portal is still evolving, hence feedback about the portal, improvement suggestions can be given through the feedback section on portal.

Users can visit and register on the portal at –

Pawan Sinha shares the moment that inspired his cutting-edge research into how the brain learns to see

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In the most recent issue of Scientific American, Pawan Sinha shares the eye-opening experience that shook his worldview.

When riding through the streets of New Delhi one night in 2002, Sinha’s cab slowed for a red light by a struggling family sitting on the side of the road. Both of the children, emaciated and barefoot, had eye cataracts. After Sinha gave the family some money, the cab pulled away … but the children’s eyes burned into Sinha’s memory.

[ted_talkteaser id=776]Inspired by these children, Sinha began to learn the shocking facts of childhood blindness in India — some of which he shared in his talk from TEDIndia 2009. Almost 400,000 children in India are blind. More than half of them die within a year of becoming blind, and less than 10 percent of these children are educated. Blind children have limited access to reliable treatment. And young females face…

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One year full-time PG-DST course from CDAC

C-DAC Mumbai is offering 1-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology (PG-DST) for the past several years with excellent placement
records. The course provides a systematic blend of theory and hands-on, foundational and advanced concepts, and includes current trends and

Admission is now open for the next batch of PG-DST commencing on 27th August 2013, and its admission test (CST) will be held on 14th July 2013.
Application form and more details of the course are given in brochure: PGDST_Brochure.

The PG-DST course exposes the candidates to a variety of tools and frameworks including programming languages (C, C++ and Java), database
systems (MySQL, Oracle, Hibernate, NoSQL), development frameworks (Spring, HTML-5, PHP, JavaScript), tools in software engineering (Redmine, Git),
Operating systems (Gnu/Linux, Windows, Android), etc.

Contact details:
C-DAC, Near Kharghar Rly Stn, Navi Mumbai (Tel 022-27565303) 
C-DAC, Gulmohar Cross Road No. 9, Juhu, Mumbai (Tel 022-26703251)
E-mail: ;