What is disability?

Disability, in simple terms, refers to one’s inability to complete a task, be it a routine task or specific one, with the same efficiency as a normal person will do.

Disability to a person can occur at many levels – it can be related to deviations (impairments) in various body parts limiting his/her movements and activities; can be related to deviations in various senses (eye, ear etc.) limiting a person’s ability to interact and communicate with his/her surroundings, or can be related to mental abilities limiting his/her logical and decision making capabilities etc.

As quoted by World Heath Organisation, disability is an umbrella term covering impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions. WHO classified various conditions among Health Condition, Impairment, Disability and Handicaps. As per this classification:

1. Health Condition: Health condition refers to a disease, disorder, injury or trauma.

2. Impairment: Impairment is a loss or abnormality of body structure or function, possibly caused by some health condition.

3. Disability (activity limitations): Disability refers to difficulties faced by an individual in executing a task or action, possibly due to some impairment or is context-based. Disability is activity-specific.

4. Handicap (participation restrictions): This term refers to various problems experienced by an individual, while involved in life situations/society, possibly caused due to some kind of disability.

However, most of the time, these terms are used interchangeably – “disability” and “impairment” being the most common.

Apart from just defining disability from health perspective, disability can be described from social perspectives also. There exist barriers, exclusions and negative attitudes at the level of system, society and individuals that limit and restrict the participation of an impaired person in the main stream. This is when the ill effects of disability become more severe.

What are different categories of disabilities?

Visual impairment

Physical impairment

Cognitive impairment

What kind of difficulties disabled people face, when they use computers?

details will be added.

What is accessibility?

details will be added.

What are assistive technologies and devices?

details will be added.

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