Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Yesterday, I received a mail from G-mail team in my account about enabling of a feature that will suggest Google+ contacts in G-mail, while composing a mail. Text of that mail is reproduced below verbatim: ------------------------------------------- Gmail update: Reach more people you know Ever wanted to email someone you know, but haven't yet exchanged email addresses? Starting this week, when you're composing … Continue reading Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Does our privacy really matter?

Was reading an article in today's "The Hindu" - "Through the PRISM, Big Brother is watching". This article talks about how USA's National Security Agency, in the name of surveillance and backed by some US law through a programme called "PRISM", have direct access to servers of all big companies - Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, AOL etc, … Continue reading Does our privacy really matter?

Aristotle’s Storytelling Framework for Interactive Products

Throughout the centuries people have told stories to share knowledge between generations, but also to simply entertain. Storytelling is an important skill each interaction designer should have. It helps us create more engaging products and services. But how should we start doing this? How Aristotle's storytelling framework can be used for designing interactive products, read … Continue reading Aristotle’s Storytelling Framework for Interactive Products

The Experience and Perception of Time

How do we perceiving time? What sense or senses do we use when perceiving time? Even if all our senses are non-functional for a while, we can notice the passing of time. So, do we have some distinct faculty for time perception or do we notice time through perception of other things? To find answers, … Continue reading The Experience and Perception of Time

Open Source: an end-user perspective

Some time back in my post "What Open Source really means?" on this blog, I wrote that "open source" should be discussed from end user's perspective also. So, what that perspective should be? Does open source really hold a value for a real world user? Open source philosophy strongly advocates the availability of source code alongwith the software. But for … Continue reading Open Source: an end-user perspective