One year full-time PG-DST course from CDAC

C-DAC Mumbai is offering 1-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology (PG-DST) for the past several years with excellent placement records. The course provides a systematic blend of theory and hands-on, foundational and advanced concepts, and includes current trends and technologies. Admission is now open for the next batch of PG-DST commencing on 27th … Continue reading One year full-time PG-DST course from CDAC


13 Linux Debuggers for C++ Reviewed

Most time in debuggers is spent doing the same few things: setting breakpoints, stepping through code, looking at variables. Which products make those features supremely accessible and useful? Read here.

Computer algorithms get a human hand in steering web

Use of smart algorithms is continuously increasing day by day in various kind of applications such as Trading stocks, targeting ads, steering political campaigns etc. But, still these algorithms require human touch. How? Read at

SIGAI Workshop on Emerging Research Trends in AI, 2010

Artificial Intelligence has always been a challenging field providing lots of opportunities of research and development in no. of areas like language processing, multi-agent systems,  web mining, information retrieval, semantic web, e-learning, optimization problems, pattern recognition etc. And, there is growing interest in the field in India between academia and industria both. Keeping this in … Continue reading SIGAI Workshop on Emerging Research Trends in AI, 2010