Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Yesterday, I received a mail from G-mail team in my account about enabling of a feature that will suggest Google+ contacts in G-mail, while composing a mail. Text of that mail is reproduced below verbatim: ------------------------------------------- Gmail update: Reach more people you know Ever wanted to email someone you know, but haven't yet exchanged email addresses? Starting this week, when you're composing … Continue reading Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Does our privacy really matter?

Was reading an article in today's "The Hindu" - "Through the PRISM, Big Brother is watching". This article talks about how USA's National Security Agency, in the name of surveillance and backed by some US law through a programme called "PRISM", have direct access to servers of all big companies - Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, AOL etc, … Continue reading Does our privacy really matter?