AlphaGo: Possible repercussions and India

ET's editorial on March 11, 2016 talks about AlphaGo and draws some interesting sketches. At one point, "An AI-run factory, goes a joke, employs just a man and a dog. The dog's job is to keep the man away from the factory. Why have the man at all, in that case? Someone has to feed … Continue reading AlphaGo: Possible repercussions and India

Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Yesterday, I received a mail from G-mail team in my account about enabling of a feature that will suggest Google+ contacts in G-mail, while composing a mail. Text of that mail is reproduced below verbatim: ------------------------------------------- Gmail update: Reach more people you know Ever wanted to email someone you know, but haven't yet exchanged email addresses? Starting this week, when you're composing … Continue reading Google, G-mail, Google+ and our Privacy

Does our privacy really matter?

Was reading an article in today's "The Hindu" - "Through the PRISM, Big Brother is watching". This article talks about how USA's National Security Agency, in the name of surveillance and backed by some US law through a programme called "PRISM", have direct access to servers of all big companies - Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, AOL etc, … Continue reading Does our privacy really matter?

Computer algorithms get a human hand in steering web

Use of smart algorithms is continuously increasing day by day in various kind of applications such as Trading stocks, targeting ads, steering political campaigns etc. But, still these algorithms require human touch. How? Read at

Google Offers Cloud-Based Learning Engine

How could providing developers with machine learning on tap unleash a flood of smarter apps? What is Google Prediction API? How will it help developers to create software that learns how to handle incoming data? Read at

End of the Desktop? Google Backs WebGL

Stick a fork in the desktop, it’s done! Recently Google demoed a port of Quake II to WebGL and HTML5, showing that even first person shooters are suitable applications to run in the browser. While the tide isn’t going to turn all at once, it seems more likely than ever that a browser-based desktop is … Continue reading End of the Desktop? Google Backs WebGL

Is Google Appifying Email a Good Thing?

It’s Google’s Internet, we just use it. Well, maybe not, but some days it seems that way. Google’s gone from searching the Internet to being a big chunk of it. The latest moves from Mountain View include adding OAuth and contextual gadgets to email. Good on the surface for Google users, but what do they … Continue reading Is Google Appifying Email a Good Thing?