National Workshop on Adaptive Instruction at CDAC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai during December 15-16, 2011

This workshop will explore the current trends in the field of personalization in the context of e-learning, particularly in instruction delivery. As we all are aware, e-learning has been around for quite a long time now. It is widely accepted by both the industry and the academics as a convenient medium for providing learning environment to the employees/students. E-learning can be made more effective by personalizing the instruction and adapting it to suit the individual learner. The workshop addresses issues and challenges in adaptive instruction and highlights the emerging trends in adaptive instruction. The participants will also get to experience the work of C-DAC Mumbai in creating and using adaptive instruction in education with Anurup . The workshop will also provide an opportunity to interact with participants from different organizations and industry practitioners interested in the emerging area.

This workshop is being organized by CDAC, Mumbai at their Kharghar, Navi Mumbai campus. More details about the workshop can be accessed at

Releasing Anumaan-a predictive text entry system

Today Anumaan (alpha-0.1 version) has been released by C-DAC, Mumbai as a part of its activities and commitment in the area of accessibility. Anumaan is a perspective-based, on-screen predictive text entry system for GNOME desktop. Basically, it is an extension of an Input Method (IM) mechanism (on GNOME desktop) in the sense that it extends its (IM) notion by including the power of text prediction. It has support for UTF-8 unicode encoding. The system allows users to train it and personalize and as per their writing style into different named domains. Hence, it adapts to user’s writing style in some sense. Although, the current version does not support live mode adaptation, still a user can train a domain as many times he  likes.

Anumaan is designed for a (text) sequence prediction based on a certain Context.The context can either be a partial word context or a partial sentence context. Therefore, it is intended to help people suffering from different kinds of motor disability by allowing it to be customized for different kinds of Input devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, joystick or any other pointing device especially built for people suffering from motor disability). In other words, it can be customized very easily to cater to different hand movement capabilities. The current version is only for mouse and keyboard based interactions. But, we can easily customize it for different hardware input device requirements.
The current released versions have two flavours:
1. Anumaan-standalone: The base system which runs on Java Swing Interface.
2. AnumaanLinux: The Linux version which uses Anumaan-standalone as base and is ported to utilize the accessibility features of GNOME GAIL library. The current interface is accessible to almost all Gtk+ Editable Text Widgets.
Anumaan URLs:
1. Anumaan Main Page on CDAC Mumbai Website:
2. AnumaanLinux source download: (released under GNU/GPL 3.0 License)
3. AnumaanLinux Documentation can be accessed at:
4. Anumaan-standalone download:
5. Anumaan-standalone Documentation can be accessed at:
6. Anumaan Default Language Model download:
Anumaan Videos:
A session of AnumaanLinux:
A session of Anumaan-standalone:
AnumaanLinux build and install:

NB: The application is still evolving, hence please do give us your feedbacks, bug reports or feature enhancement requests.
Please mail us at

NCOSS-09 begins on May 25, 2009

NCOSS-09 begins at CDAC, Navi Mumbai on 25/05/2009. This conference will provide a platform to showcase niche technologies being developed in the area of FOSS and discuss about open source softwares in various verticals like knowledge management, e-learning, e-commerce, Indian Language Computing etc. More details on

Call for participation for NCOSS-09

Call for Participation

NCOSS-09: National Conference on Open Source Software
May 25 – 26, 2009, Navi Mumbai, India.

Organized by
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mumbai
Supported by
IEEE Computer Society, Mumbai and Chennai chapters &
CSI, Div II on Software & SIG-OS
Media partner
Linux for You

The National Conference on Open Source Software is intended to act as a forum for promoting adoption of open source softwares and solutions in different areas, by sharing experiences in solution selection, customisation/adaptation, etc. Over 110 papers were submitted to the conference from all over India. After a rigorous international refereeing process, about 30 papers have been selected, which will be presented during the conference.

Conference Programme :

  • Paper Presentation in areas including e-Learning, Collaboration Technology, Language Computing and Localisation, Knowledge Management, e-Health, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Testing and Application Frameworks.
  • Invited Talks
  • Panel Discussions
  • Live demos of FOSS applications
  • Pre-Conference Tutorials (on May 24, 2009)

Programme Committee :

Ramakrishnan S., C-DAC, Pune (chair)
Chakravarti A. K, DIT, Delhi
Zia Saquib, C-DAC, Mumbai
Sasikumar M, C-DAC, Mumbai
Sivakumar G, IIT, Mumbai
Venkatesh Hariharan, RedHat, Mumbai
Mohan H R, The Hindu, Chennai
Rishab Aiyer Gosh,UNU-MERIT, Netherlands
Krishnan C N, AU-KBC, Chennai
Gora Mohanty, Sarai, Delhi
Rajagopal M R, C-DAC, Chennai
Dravida Seetharam, IBM, Bangalore
Nagarjuna G, HBCSE, Mumbai

Demo Hall :

NCOSS-09, announces DEMO HALL for show-casing open source applications. The aim is to provide a platform for people to demonstrate their open source works/tools. Irrespective of whether you have a paper at the conference, you can use this opportunity to showcase your work.

All those participating in the demo hall must register for the conference. Mail your applications to giving a brief description of the demo sessions by May 05,2009.

For more details visit

Registration Fees:



Not for profit/ educational institutions

Rs. 2200/-

Rs. 700/-


Rs. 3500/-

Rs. 1000/-


Rs. 1100/-

Rs. 500/-

( Registration form and more details on website )

Contact :

(For more details and registration)
NCOSS-09 Secretariat, C-DAC Mumbai, Raintree Marg, Near Bharati Vidyapeeth,
Opp. Kharghar Railway Station, Sector 7, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614, INDIA.
Phone : +91-22-27565303
Fax : +91-22-27560004