Indianizing with Rupantar- An extension from CDAC, Mumbai

In a diverse country like India, localisation of information in the respective languages of the people works as a way of empowerment for the people. And, open source provides the necessary technical platform for delivering that information at some reasonable cost. CDAC Mumbai has long been involved in developing tools/technologies in the area of localisation and open source. These include Xlit, Matra, SuTra, Anumaan. New tool to join this list is Rupantar.

Rupantar is an extention for developed by the KBCS division of CDAC Mumbai. This extension works as a utility to write in Devnagri script, hence allows a user to type in Hindi and Marathi language. It uses the Rupantar scheme, also developed by CDAC Mumbai, to convert from Roman to Devnagri. More details about downloading and installing the extension can be accessed at

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XlitHindi extension for OOo released by KBCS, CDAC Mumbai

KBCS division of CDAC Mumbai has released its transliteration extension for the OpenOffice writer. This tool enables to write in Hindi very easily without knowing the Hindi typing. It is very much helpful for the people using Hindi for the e-communication and documentation.More details of the English to other Indian Language transliteration system can be read at: To download the extension and other details, visit :