One year full-time PG-DST course from CDAC

C-DAC Mumbai is offering 1-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology (PG-DST) for the past several years with excellent placement records. The course provides a systematic blend of theory and hands-on, foundational and advanced concepts, and includes current trends and technologies. Admission is now open for the next batch of PG-DST commencing on 27th … Continue reading One year full-time PG-DST course from CDAC

Open Source: an end-user perspective

Some time back in my post "What Open Source really means?" on this blog, I wrote that "open source" should be discussed from end user's perspective also. So, what that perspective should be? Does open source really hold a value for a real world user? Open source philosophy strongly advocates the availability of source code alongwith the software. But for … Continue reading Open Source: an end-user perspective

What Open Source really means?

First thing first, I am not a specialist on the subject who can give an opinion. However, during some work, some questions struck me, so I thought why not to blog them. I think, there are some points that require some comprehensive discussion from different perspectives in the community, whenever open source is talked about. … Continue reading What Open Source really means?